Terms and conditions of service

  1. Ergo at Work Ltd. provides ergonomic assessment and consultancy services using only suitably qualified personnel.
  2. Consultancy fees will be agreed with the client prior to undertaking the requested services. Fees are based on the time taken to provide the service at the clients location and may also include the time taken to provide appropriate reports.
  3. Fees are generally inclusive of travel fares and time taken to get to the clients location when this location is within the M25 greater London boundary.
  4. For services outside the M25 travel time and expenses are additional.
  5. Services are invoiced upon completion of duties or by prior arrangement.
  6. Ergonomic services are subject to VAT and VAT will be added to invoices.
  7. All invoices for work undertaken in the U.K will be in pound sterling and payment should be made in pound sterling.
  8. Payment of invoices is expected within 30 days of the invoice date. Late payment (>30 days from receipt of invoice) will incur penalties (8% per annum)
  9. Once an appointment with an Ergo at Work Consultant is agreed in writing a cancellation charge of the full fee will be applied if less than 48 hours notice is given of the cancellation.