Back care at work

This 1 hour course educates participants on how to look after their body in the workplace.

The Back care at Work course focuses on ergonomics and posture in the workplace. It is designed for all employees and may be useful to include as part of an induction programme.

The program can be tailored to the individual needs of the company to suit the working conditions and nature of injuries most commonly suffered by employees. The seminar incorporates concepts such as the basic anatomy of the back, causes of injury, prevention of injury and appropriate rehabilitation options. The seminar raises awareness amongst employees on ways to avoid and manage back injuries both in the workplace and outside of work.

We are all Chartered Physiotherapists each with over 15 years experience who also have post graduate qualifications and extensive experience.
  • Setting up workstation
  • Man lifting a box
  • Correctly setup workstation

It will cover the following topics

  • advice on the set up of workstations
  • working with laptops and computers
  • lifting and handling safely
  • useful stretches and emphasizes the importance of postural awareness in the workplace.

Shoulder stretch

Back care side stretch

Back twist

  • Chair exercises twist right
  • Chair exercise twist left

Shoulder roll

  • Shoulder roll back
  • Shoulder roll forwards

Back bend

Back care back bend

Participants are encouraged to practice exercises demonstrated throughout the seminar each day as an effective means of back injury and promotion of a healthy, positive working environment .

Maximum class size 15 participants.

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