What are Workplace Assessments?

Workplace Assessments are an assessment of the employees working environment and the tasks that they carry out relative to their personal abilities.

The aim of the assessment is to identify and analyse any risk factors which may be causing current or future health problems, or may be reducing work performance.

Risk factors may be related to:

  • Posture
  • Design of the work area
  • Design of equipment
  • Design of the job and the way in which it is carried out.

It is a legal requirement that employees are provided with a safe workplace.

We are all Chartered Physiotherapists each with over 15 years experience who also have post graduate qualifications and extensive experience in undertaking ergonomic workstation assessments.
We provide a complete range of Workplace Assessments in London, Surrey and South East England. All our assessments can be undertaken face to face or virtually.
  • Person sitting at badly setup workstation
  • Setting up workstation
  • Correctly setup workstation

Our Assessments include:

Why consider an independent assessment

An experienced ergonomic assessor is likely to be needed when your own assessment methods are incomplete or ineffective. For example “other priorities” may prevent timely assessment, or you may hold insufficient assessors in house.

In addition, an independent advisor is particularly beneficial when you have staff with pre-existing injuries or those at risk of developing problems, to provide expert analysis and advice.

Ergo at Work Ltd is not affiliated with any product suppliers as we believe that it is important to be fully independent.

For more information about workplace assessments or to organise an ergonomic assessment of your workplace please call 020 7411 9855  email us at info@ergoatwork.co.uk or use the Contact Us page.