Home Worker Assessments

We can undertake Home Worker Assessments to identify risks and give advice & training to ensure the home workplace is comfortable, safe & meets minimum requirements.

Home worker assessment

Thanks to modern technology there are now more opportunities for people to work from home. You are responsible for the health and safety of your home workers and are required to carry out a risk assessment of the home working environment, assess display screen equipment risks, ensure that workstations meet the minimum requirements, identify any risks and take steps to control them.
We are able to visit your employee’s home to carry out a thorough DSE Home Worker Assessment. Our ergonomic specialists will identify any risks and give advice and training to ensure that the employee’s home workplace is comfortable and safe.

For more information about Homeworker Assessments or to organise an assessment of your home workplace please call 020 7411 9855  email us at info@ergoatwork.co.uk or use the Contact Us page.