Remote Workstation Assessments

Ergo at Work offers Remote Ergonomic Workstation Assessments for individuals working from home or in offices in remote locations.

Workers will be requested to take photos and a short video of themselves working on their computer. The ergonomic consultant will review these prior to speaking with the worker on the phone or video conference call.

The remote assessment will take approximately 1 hour and a comprehensive typed report will be provided following the assessment. The report will discuss recommendations made during the assessment with regards to equipment, workstation set-up, training, individual behaviours and posture.

Employers are increasingly asking staff to work from home in response to Public Heath advice regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

It is important to note that employers are responsible for an employee’s health, safety and welfare so far as is reasonably practicable. This means that employers must conduct risk assessments of all the work activities carried out by employees, including those working from home. Many employees will be used to working from a laptop for short periods at home but most are not setup to work comfortably or safely for full working days.

Ergonomics at Home

If you are going to be working from home on a regular basis (for more than 4 hours per week)  you should use a separate keyboard and mouse as well as a laptop stand. Using these peripheral devices along with other regular household items will help you to maintain neutral postures while working from home – reducing the risk of developing discomfort or injury.
It is preferable to always sit at a desk or a table when using your laptop rather than on the sofa. Seated height will need to be adjusted based on the table or desk height noting that dining tables are generally higher than standard desktops.
Ergo at Work can provide Remote Home Workstation Assessments to ensure that your employees are comfortable and productive when working from home and can help to make best use of existing equipment or make suggestions for new equipment if required.

For more information about remote workplace assessments or to organise an assessment of your workplace please call 020 7411 9855  email us at