Remote Workstation Assessments

Ergo at Work offers Remote Workstation Assessments for employees working from home or in offices in remote locations.

Employees will be requested to take photos and a short video of themselves working on their computer. The ergonomic specialist will review these prior to speaking with them on the phone.
The assessment will take approximately 1 hour and a report will be provided following the assessment. The report will discuss recommendations made during the assessment with regards to equipment, workstation set-up, training, individual behaviours and posture.

We are all Chartered Physiotherapists each with over 15 years experience who also have post graduate qualifications and extensive experience in undertaking Ergonomic Workstation Assessments.

For more information about remote workplace assessments or to organise an assessment of your workplace please call 020 7411 9855  email us at or use the Contact Us page.