Vehicle assessments

We can undertake a comprehensive ergonomic vehicle risk assessment to determine if a vehicle is or will be safe and comfortable for a driver and the tasks that they are expected to undertake.

Prolonged periods of sitting places stress on our spinal posture. This stress is compounded when driving a vehicle due to the added factor of vibration on the body. Being well positioned and comfortable in a vehicle will help to reduce driver fatigue and the risk of developing musculoskeletal discomfort.

The comprehensive vehicle ergonomic assessment will take approximately 60 minutes. A written report with recommendations, photographs and anthropometric measurements will be provided following the assessment.

Drivers will be shown how to set up their vehicles to suit their body’s anthropometric measurements and maximise comfort.

In addition to our comprehensive vehicle ergonomic assessments we can offer group vehicle ergonomic assessments/education, and vehicle ergonomic consultancy around fleet vehicle selection to ensure that the vehicle you are investing in for your staff is ergonomically suited to their role requirements.

This type of assessment is very useful for drivers of different physical statures who may be sharing their vehicles with other drivers.

For more information about vehicle assessments or to organise an assessment please call 020 7411 9855 or email us at