What is an office Workstation Assessment?

Workstation Assessments are an assessment of the employees desk setup, the area around it and the work that they do relative to their personal abilities.

We Can Optimize Your Workstation Setup For Comfort And Safety.

The aim of  workstation assessments is to identify and analyse any risk factors which may be causing current or future health problems, or may be reducing work performance.

We are all Chartered Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists each with over 15 years experience who also have post graduate qualifications and extensive experience in undertaking ergonomic workstation assessments.

We provide a complete range of Workplace Assessments in London, Surrey and South East England.

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Risk factors may be related to

  • Posture
  • Design of the work area
  • Design of equipment
  • Design of the job and the way in which it is carried out

Sitting in front of a computer terminal may lead to pain in the back, the neck or down the arms. It is a legal requirement that employees are provided with a safe workplace.

The display screen equipment (D.S.E) regulations (1992), state that every employer shall perform a suitable and efficient analysis of workstations to assess risks to which those persons using them are exposed.

Virtual Home Workstation Assessments

Currently all of our home assessments are being undertaken virtually.

The home workstation assessment will take 45-60 minutes and a typed report will be provided following the assessment. The report will discuss recommendations made during the assessment with regards to equipment, workstation set-up, training, individual behaviours and posture. For Further information please click here.

Face to Face Assessments

We are currently not providing Face to Face Assessments in the Workplace.

We offer both comprehensive and basic workstation assessments

When it comes to workstation assessments one size doesn’t fit all. Some employees may require a basic assessment in order to meet the requirements for Health and Safety compliance or they may need a more comprehensive ergonomic workstation assessment if they are suffering from a physical work-related problem or disability.

Comprehensive workstation assessments

We recommend these for people who have discomfort or an injury which affects them at work

This assessment involves spending approximately 1 hour with the individual initially to discuss the problems that they may have and any other relevant medical information. We will then assess their workstation, working postures and the way in which they use their equipment. We will complete a comprehensive checklist which also ensures compliance with the Health and Safety Executives Display Screen Equipment regulations (1992).

Following the desk assessment we will compile and provide a typed report containing, photos and anthropometric measurements where applicable. The report will discuss our recommendations giving clear rationale with regards to equipment (including seating), workstation layout, posture and training along with any other issues that we may identify that may be affecting the individuals’ comfort at work.

Any suggested equipment will be listed along with a list of known suppliers and cost estimates (if requested). At the time of the assessment individuals will be taught some basic stretches and excercises that are specific to their needs.

Basic workstation assessments

We recommend these in order to meet the requirements for Health and Safety compliance

This desk assessment involves spending approximately 30 minutes with the individual to assess their workstation, the way in which they use their equipment and their working postures. We will complete a basic ergonomic checklist during the assessment which also will demonstrate that a risk assessment has been undertaken to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Executive’s Display Screen Equipment regulations (1992).

We will provide you with this hand written checklist after the assessment. The checklist will list any recommendations with regards to equipment (including seating), workstation layout, posture and training, that we may make, following the assessment.

Ergo at Work Ltd is not affiliated with any furniture or product suppliers as we believe that it is important to be fully independent.

Key benefits of a workstation assessment

There are a number of reasons why routine appraisal has significant pay offs for Businesses:

  • Risks identified can be reduced, thereby protecting your staff (your assets)
  • Remedial actions can improve comfort and therefore potentially improve productivity
  • Opportunity to influence behaviours and promote safe working practices, improving occupational health figures
  • Educating helps empower individuals to take ownership of their own workplace hazards
  • Early identification of symptoms may help reduce long term cumulative damage, potentially reducing lost-time
  • Reduced time off work should offset any costs of equipment required for programme implementation
  • A record of actions will provide an audit trail and assist you if involved with legal action or compensation claims at a later date

For more information about workstation assessments or to organise an assessment of your workplace please call 020 7411 9855  email us at info@ergoatwork.co.uk or use the Contact Us page.